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5x Free Image CDN and new All Included plan Published on: Jan 16, 2022


It’s 2022, and we are back with some amazing news!

We made two big changes to our Image CDN offering:

In this blog, we’ll show and tell you about both.

What do you pay for

The main pricing component of an Image CDN is bandwidth. Let’s see what it is for a start:

diagram that show what bandwidth is

You pay for the optimised image traffic that is delivered to your users when using Pixboost.

Typically, you'll see CDN cost reduction compare to when serving unoptimised images.

And here is what’s good about Pixboost bandwidth:

Let’s talk numbers now!

Bigger Free plan

Our Free plan now ships with 10Gb (was 2 Gb) of CDN bandwidth that makes Pixboost a viable option to run a small to medium website with Image CDN for free!

Now, let’s see how much is 10Gb. We made a research and on average a landing or homepage contains 640Kb of images when using Pixboost. We can do a simple calculation to look at how many page views would fit into 10Gb

how many page views in 10Gb

It’s about 15 thousand page views, and this number is conservative given homepages are heavy on images and 640Kb includes all of them, however, you could (should) lazy load the ones below the fold.

SIGN UP (Free plan, no CC required)

New “All Included” plan

Running the service, we realised that our top plan is too small and 200Gb (the previous biggest plan) is reached by many of our customers. We even had our internal standard tier-1 “Enterprise” offering for the customers that use less than 1Tb of bandwidth monthly. To make things simpler and more transparent we added a new plan.

Here is our brand new “All Included” plan with all the bells and whistles:

Using the example from the above let’s sew how many page views it will fit if the page contains 640 Kb of images.

how many page views in 10Gb
SIGN UP (Free plan, no CC required)

Changes to Terms of Service

The prices and plans are part of the Terms of Service document, so we’ve done our first update to the document since 2017! Of course, we spotted some grammar mistakes and areas to improve readability.

We tried to make the history of changes as transparent as possible. A new version has a link to the previous version and a summary of changes made, so it’s easier to see the difference between versions.


The goal of Pixboost is to make the Internet an inclusive and accessible place, and that’s not only from the perspective of an end-users who load the images but web developers and companies, so they can offer the best possible User Experience from the start.